Heritage Hills OKC

Heritage Hills OKC, as its name may imply is an historic district. It is located near the center of Oklahoma City. Heritage Hills is one of the most prized markets Oklahoma City real estate provides. It has been declared an Historic Preservation District and embraces some of the best examples of well-maintained, historic residential property in the state. Oklahoma City homes in this district appear on beautifully kept lots. They appear with stately, mature shade trees. Heritage Hills historic homes appear in distinguished form and period architecture. Many are elegant mansions. When OKC was developing as a new city, state and city leaders called for the creation of the district and its homes, which today are carefully maintained and preserved. They remain as desirable and exclusive today as they were an era ago.

A remarkable range of luxury features and amenities make their appearance at Heritage Hills OKC. They add to the intense appeal of this already upscale neighborhood. Huge floor plans also appear with historic homes in the district, many displaying opulent exterior and interior embellishments.

A lustrous neighborhood ambiance helps keep OKC Heritage Hills high on the list of interesting and desirable communities in which to live. Its numerous million dollar mansions attract discerning buyers regularly. It’s difficult to imagine that at one time, this extraordinary residential enclave was targeted by commercial interests for demolition. Thankfully, its historic and cherished significance prevailed.

The renaissance Oklahoma City currently experiences downtown adds more dimensions of revitalization around Heritage Hills. For example, Oklahoma City condos, restaurants, shops and businesses appear now just minutes from the exclusive neighborhood. More development underway is certain to bring new vitality to downtown and Heritage Hills OKC. The unfolding inner city renaissance, so far succeeds in heightening the unique character of its most prized historical feature.

If you would like to find out more about Heritage Hills, downtown Oklahoma City and the community, contact an area expert. If you would like to find out more about available historic homes with the unique, peerless blend of aged and modern amenities, contact an OKC real estate professional.

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