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Midtown OKC –

Downtown OKC has undertaken big changes and renovations bringing a whole new life to the area affectionately called midtown.  Several districts exhibit the results of exciting renovations and ongoing improvements. These districts and downtown OKC renovation highlights include the following:

The Arts District has a newly renovated Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. Another downtown OKC project has more improvements in store with Project 180. Downtown renovations of this type also lead to a conducive environment for walking and bicycling downtown.

A section of midtown OKC known as Automobile Alley was in decline. Today, this area of Broadway exhibits revitalization. It includes renovation in keeping with other ambitious projects in the midtown renaissance. Redevelopment opportunities in Automobile Alley continue to materialize.

Bricktown has become one of the most interesting features of Oklahoma City real estate, thanks to improvements downtown. Bricktown recently underwent transformation from a dull, somewhat forgotten warehouse district to a premier center for entertainment. Midtown now includes the Bricktown Ballpark and numerous other attractions, including a canal connection to the Oklahoma River. The district includes shops, several OKC homes, condos, a theater, restaurants and offices. It’s a perfect place to begin becoming acquainted with Oklahoma City.

More downtown renovation continues elsewhere in OKC. It includes new buildings in the Central Business District with a continued focus on improving appearance. Improvements include street features especially conducive to pedestrian and vehicle transportation.

North of Bricktown, a district called Deep Deuce feels the positive vibes from midtown OKC. An urban neighborhood, its background steeped in jazz and African-American culture gets an enhanced makeover with new complexes of apartments and condos. The renovation in Deep Deuce likely includes and increase of mix-use features and a continued focus on enhancing the neighborhoods rich heritage with a modern touch.

More downtown OKC districts continue to rise from obscurity and showcase a growing vibrancy. That is certainly true for the Film Exchange District. While once fallen into neglect, its streets were included in recent downtown renovation. Attractive improvements together with accommodations for several businesses make the district another success story in the Oklahoma City, midtown renaissance.

The list goes on and includes Park Plaza a re-emerging office district. The list includes Core to Shore, a huge area of land between downtown and the Oklahoma River shoreline. Core to Shore involves build out of Central Park, an exciting new feature of midtown. Renovation includes ongoing deployment of projects to connect numerous parks, neighborhoods with Oklahoma City homes, condos, and lofts, and economic centers.

If you would like to find out more about downtown OKC, midtown’s vibrant renaissance, Oklahoma City real estate blossoming in the area, and OKC community amenities, contact an area expert and real estate professional.

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